Welcome to The Dish

Ever want to go to a restaurant where you can get gourmet food in about five minutes? Gourmet Pizza, Pasta, Paninis and Sandwiches. Yep…you can even get the gourmet food through the drive thru so you don’t even have to get out of your car?

Now you can! At the Dish Restaurant!

We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner AND feature a drive thru. You won’t even have to get out of your car to get your tantalizing food to go. We also have a full-serve Racine’s famous O&H Danish Bakery featuring Alterra Coffee.


41 thoughts on “Welcome to The Dish

  1. We are interested customers just working down the road. Having something new, homeade, and tasteful in the area that isn’t always pizza and/or pasta is what will get us to come into your restaurant. Can’t wait until you’re open so we can try it out. Please forward us a menu when you have one available.
    Best of luck!
    Demi and Anne

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for us! We so appreciate your input. We will be posting a menu soon – just finishing up some final touches. We will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. To give you an idea… some of the Specialty Sandwiches include: Mardi Gras Chicken, Flat Bread Ahi Tuna, Raspberry Almond Chicken, Italian Beef Foccocia, Turkey Club, and Lemon Peppercorn Tilapia in addition to being able to build your own Fresh Deli Sandwich… Mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. The menu items you listed sound exciting! It will be nice to have a place to go to for fresh specialty sandwiches. I look forward to seeing your breakfast and dinner menu!!
    I am also excited about your partnership with OH Bakery!!

  4. Everything looks great – We (Northern Gear in the Franklin Industrial Park) are very excited to try your place. Love the variety you offer. One of our office ladies stopped in for a look and picked up an O&H Red Velvet Kringle that was just fantastic, as well as a couple menus. That sealed the deal! The office is ordering from you today for lunch!

  5. OK…you’re officially a new favorite. Everyone was thrilled with what they had – the pizzas were awesome, the Mardi Gras Chicken sandwich was very good, and the horseradish roast beef was beyond good. Even the two picky eaters loved their choices. Excellent job! We’ll be ordering from you often.
    – Northern Gear

  6. Fabulous! We LOVE happy customers! Please let us know if you have any recommendations on how to serve you better. We are working on a fax order form right now to make it even easier for you to order.

  7. The only thing that I can think of that would make it better is more low-carb (Diabetic-friendly) choices. Love that your pizzas are thin crust and that you offer Whole Grain bread as a choice – that helps a lot!
    Also – do you serve breakfast items all day, or just certain hours?

  8. Thank you for your input! I will let our chef know. Our breakfast hours are 6am – 11am. O&H Bakery is open all day serving all their delicious goodies.

  9. Had breakfast at the dish it was very good . We came back for supper had the pizza also very good . Staff is very friendly & polite . We will be back again !

  10. Hello,
    I just found out about your restaurant, and I’m wondering if you have sandwich/wrap trays for parties. I’m looking for a good restaurant to serve these at a party for about 30.

  11. I was totally blown away. I am new to Milwaukee. I was just out driving around trying to get lost and stumbled upon the dish. I walked in to check it out and looked at the menu. I saw the signature paninis, and decided while I wasn’t hungry, I was going to have lunch. As I approached the counter, some demon possessed me and the words “9 Spinach Mushroom Pizza please” leaped out of my mouth. “Huh?”

    Oh my. I need to tell you that even though not hungry, I ate that pizza in one sitting. It was wonderful. Thank you!!!

    Are you expanding? Would you like to? I would like you to! How can I help?

  12. Is there a way to contact you by email? I work for a local business and have a number of questions about catering and business partnership with The Dish! Please contact me to answer these questions.

  13. I see gluten free pasta is available. Are your sauces gluten free too? We are always looking for places that offer gluten free options.

  14. All of our sauces are gluten free except the Beef Stroganoff sauce. Hope to see you soon! We also have a gluten-free crust for pizza too!

  15. I absolutely LOVE the Dish! It has quickly become my first choice when I don’t feel like cooking. I have yet to try anything on the menu that isn’t yummy…which makes it hard to choose the next time I go!

    Might I request that you try a punch card for frequent diners? Perhaps buy 10 meals, get the 11th free. Or buy 5 paninis or salads and get your 6th 50% off. Some sort of thank you for those of us that have you on our weekly menu.

    P.S. Thank you for bringing quality food to the deilvery realm!

  16. Hey wanted to make a suggestion regarding your guys online ordering site.
    When ordering a panini, it makes you choose a bread type even though they already come on a speciality bread…. so you might want to take that off of the panini selections.

  17. I’ve always loved O & H, but it was too far to go to in Racine. I was totally surprised to find The Dish, and so much closer to my home! I bought several baked goods and it did not disappoint. Bravo!! and thank you!

  18. Just had the thin crust pizza for the first time, awesome! Really tasted fresh and delicious.

  19. How about a location in Brookfield??? I live in brookfield and would love to have a location closer to me :).

  20. I was in your restaurant for lunch today and noticed on the tv monitors that you have weekday breakfast specails for the drive-thru. Is there a reason why you do not list the breakfast drive-thru specials online anywhere? I come through for breakfast a couple of times a week and would love to know what is on special.

  21. We are in the process of updating our website and these specials will be on the new website! Thanks for pointing that out to us! The Dish

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